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At the Hotline and loveisrespect, we know that domestic violence and dating abuse can affect anyone—including men. Although they make up a smaller percentage of our callers and chatters, there are many more men who do not report or seek help for their abuse, for a variety of reasons: 
Men are often socialized not to express their feelings or see themselves as victims.
Pervading beliefs or stereotypes about men being abusers, women being victims.
The abuse of men is often treated as less serious, or a “joke.”
Many believe there are no resources or support available for male victims.
No matter what your situation is, the Hotline and loveisrespect are here to help, confidentially and without judgment. Please give us a call or chat with us anytime. Click here for more info about resources and info specifically for men and boys.
Ready to go nursing on the capital wasteland :) thanks to @sheldonmcbear for today :D #fallout #tattoo #UrsaMinorCustomTattoos

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